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Save Money, Invest Smart

A home solar system is the rare home improvement project that actually pays you back over time. You’ll reduce or completely eliminate your electricity bill for decades to come, leaving more cash in your pocket. Over the lifetime of an average-sized solar panel system, those savings add up! Additionally, solar is an attractive financial investment; a typical 12-year payback period is roughly the equivalent of an 8.3% return on investment. That’s higher than long-term returns on other riskier investments like the S&P 500 index or intermediate-term bond funds.

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Increase Your Home’s Value

You’re adding a reliable electricity generation system on your roof when you go solar, and that solar panel system is an asset that produces a cash savings to the homeowner each and every month for many years to come. Installing solar panels is the home improvement project that actually pays you back – every month and with a higher home value when you sell your home. That’s why solar is a great choice for so many Colorado homeowners.

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Make a Difference

Did you know that electricity production is the #1 source of harmful greenhouse gases? By installing solar panels you can make a positive impact to help the environment. In fact, a typical two-person household can reduce their carbon emissions by three to four tons annually when they go solar. It’s a benefit of solar that doesn’t show up when calculating savings and return on investment; the benefit of knowing we did something to leave our planet a better place for future generations.

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Take Control

We can’t rely only on the government or utility companies to be the primary drivers of positive change, and we are not stuck with rising energy costs. We can take control. When you go solar, you own your energy production. You’re exercising your power to make positive change for the environment, regardless of what’s happening in Washington. And as energy costs rise, you’re locked in at a lower rate.

Questions about solar?

Download the Essential Home Solar Buying Guide and get straightforward answers to the most important questions everyone should ask when considering home solar. Learn how much solar costs, how much you can save, if your house is a good match for solar, and what the next steps are to go solar.


Be informed, not sold. That’s part of the Namasté Solar way!

How Solar Works

Step 1

Your solar panels convert energy from the sun into electricity.

Your solar panels convert solar energy into electricity. Every panel is made up of many individual solar cells, which are linked together to increase their power-producing potential. Watch a video about solar electricity to learn more.

Step 2

Your inverter converts solar power to electricity for your home.

Electricity flows from your solar cells to your inverter, which converts direct current (DC) electricity into the alternating current (AC) electricity that your home and the electrical grid can use.

Step 3

Any excess power feeds back into the grid and gets credited on your utility bill.

The power your solar panels produce will feed the electrical demand in your home. Any excess electricity produced by your panels during the day will feed back into the utility grid and you’ll receive credit from the utility to offset your future demand.

Step 4

Your home pulls power from the electrical grid when the sun isn’t shining.

When your panels aren’t producing power, your home pulls electricity from the grid. At the end of the month, your utility bill will reflect the net electric usage. Any excess electricity credit will carry over to the following month.

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Why are we the #1 local Colorado solar company?

Namasté Solar did a fantastic job with our solar panels. The whole process of working with them, from design to power-on went well. They handled all issues that came up and were proactive communicators. I got three bids for the job, and not only did Namasté come in as the cheapest quote per kWh, they were the friendliest, most professional, and most knowledgeable company as well. They were much more helpful and knowledgeable about local incentives than any other company. Furthermore, one of the salesman for another company actually told me to go with Namasté when he heard what their quote came in at. He said something to the effect of, we can't match that price, and Namasté will do a great job.read more
Chad McGimpsey
Chad McGimpsey
19:43 04 Oct 18
Sales person was knowledgeable and professional. Installation personnel were competent, industrious, professional. They thoroughly informed us regarding the process and the operation of the equipment. In addition they were extremely respectful of our property. The System has worked wonderfully from Day One.read more
Robert Russell
Robert Russell
16:25 11 Oct 18
The work done before the installation made all the difference in getting a structurally sound well designed system that met our needs perfectly. The installation was well organized, neat and no hassles at all. I have referred others already and are happy with the results. This is an employee owned company and it shows. Thanks for my first full year of clean energy.Thom ShaferEstes Parkread more
Thom Shafer
Thom Shafer
22:38 13 Oct 18
Great people, great products and great service! We are so excited saving money while helping the planet! Let's get off dirty Fossil Fuel NOW, there is no reason not to and Namaste is a great company to help you all the way! Environmental sustainability drives Economical sustainability!read more
Maria Brinck
Maria Brinck
16:28 11 Oct 18
We have had Namaste solar for over a year. The sales process was easy. We never felt pressured and were integrally involved in the design plan. The referral process has paid dividends twice already. Our bills have dropped according to our proposed analysis .No service problems have appeared .Thanks to our install team. Lastly, our souls feel great helping save the planet .read more
Peter Kazura
Peter Kazura
16:27 11 Oct 18
Had a realistic design and costs associated . Didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need. Gave me a time line at the first meeting and they were always on time or early. Even finished the build early. Always in communication about what would happen next. They havery good products and a great staff .read more
Ben Russell
Ben Russell
18:08 28 Sep 18
Namaste, you were fabulous. You did what your promised, when you promised and even went the extra mile when we were gone by making sure the place was locked up. We would absolutely recommend you. May you do well and prosper!!Skip and Susan, Monument Coloradoread more
froozlehead garlicqueen
froozlehead garlicqueen
17:51 11 Oct 18
I've had my solar installation for 2 years now, and couldn't be more pleased. Namaste personnel were extremely professional and responsive, and have been quick to answer follow-up questions after their sale was complete. My panels have provided 100% of my electric needs, and even allowed me to shift some heating load from gas to electric. I recommend them highly!read more
Pat Griffith
Pat Griffith
18:18 04 Oct 18
Namaste did an excellent job installing my solar panels. They are very professional as they manage the installation as a project with high quality parts. They explain everything well and leave the project sight cleaner than they found it. They recommend the best way to run the wiring for your respective house and finish the job by training you on the equipment mounted either in your garage or outside your house. I cannot say enough about their project management as I had a deck installed by a different company the year previous that was a nightmare. I was also impressed by the professional knowledge of the installation crew as compared to what I overheard from the crew of another solar company working on my neighbors house.read more
Richard O'Gara
Richard O'Gara
18:37 26 Oct 18
I had Namaste install my solar panels--a pretty large array that generates more energy than I use--in the spring of 2016. They did a great job! I had gotten two other quotes, and found them to be competitive, especially if I wanted to pay them off fairly quickly (which I did). The panels have not needed any maintenance or repair, and continue to work great! If I were to move to another house and needed new solar panels, they'd be the first people I'd call.read more
Chris Morley
Chris Morley
00:09 28 Oct 18
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