Home EV Charger Installation

Benefits of Electric Vehicles (EV)

Compared to conventional vehicles, EVs save on energy costs in the long run. Many EVs can easily exceed the equivalent of 100 MPG.

Zero tailpipe emissions and reduced life cycle emissions; especially when you power your EV with solar!

Maximize your solar savings and drive on sunshine when you power your EV with a home solar array.

Faster Charging with a Home EV Charger Installation

An upgraded home EV charger will speed up your charge times and make it easier to have a full charge ready to go. Namaste Solar currently offers multiple EV chargers for installation; all are level 2 chargers that can increase your charging speeds to be up to seven times faster than a standard outlet. Home EV charger installation is available from Namaste Solar as an add-on service and a standalone service.

Fueling up with solar and your home EV charger

Ditching the gas station is cool, but driving on sunshine is even cooler. With solar, your EV will be running off your very own renewable energy system. An average home solar array can easily provide enough power to meet your charging needs. Solar fuels your EV with fixed, low cost energy that is clean and renewable. Wondering how much money you’d save charging your EV with solar? Check out this blog.

Solar & Home Electrification

Namaste Solar’s Most Recent Google Reviews

I cant say enough about Namaste Solar. They were with us every step of the way. They carefully evaluated our available sun exposure and provided a realistic timeline for a financial breakeven point. In our case, about 13 years assuming we could offset 75% of our needs with solar. Their engineers evaluated our roof and made design recommendations to support the weight of the panels. These improvements were done by Namaste at the time of install. The first attempt at install had to be delayed as the installer noted atypical roof deterioration and recommended we have that evaluated before install to avoid having to remove the panels for a new roof. At this point, the panels were on the roof and had to be reloaded onto the truck. Our shingle manufacturer agreed that the roof was failing (not from hail damage) and replaced the roof. The second attempt at instal went smoothly and we are up and running. Technical support to get the monitoring system running was excellent. A technician came to our home, installed a wireless extender (at no additional charge), and made sure I could operate the system. Namaste employees were extremely, friendly, helpful, competent and professional in every way. I recommend them highly.
Namaste was so easy to work with. They were professional, on schedule, made everything understandable. We are so happy to have reduced electricity bills and to be contributing to carbon reduction for our city and the planet!
I chose Namaste Solar because they’re a worker owned company. I figured that if people have a stake in the company they work for, they’ll do a good job. With the solar panels installed, they not only did a good job, but an excellent job.

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