Meet Our Team

Admin Team

Alicia Creighton

Co-Owner | HR & Employee Experience Specialist

Blake Jones

Co-Owner | Co-Founder

Dave Rizzotto

Co-Owner | Director of Marketing

Geri Mitchell-Brown

Co-Owner | Senior Director of Social Impact

Jason Sharpe

Co-Owner | CEO

Jenna Stadsvold

Co-Owner | Brand Manager

Kristin Lewis

Co-Owner | Human Resources Generalist

Steve Furr

Co-Owner | IT Applications Project Manager

Tatianna Vereschagin

Co-Owner | Business Analyst II

Teri Lema

Co-Owner | Human Resources Generalist

Commercial Team

Alex Garland

Co-Owner | Senior Construction Manager

Andy Rasmussen

Co-Owner | O&M Lead Technician

Briana Morris

Co-Owner | Commercial Technical Designer

Caleb Swift

Co-Owner | Construction Manager

Eliot Abel

Co-Owner | Senior Director of Commercial Business Development

Glenn Gese

Co-Owner | O&M Technician Apprentice

Heather Kinsey

Candidate | Project Development Designer

Jesse Canaris

Co-Owner | O&M Senior Portfolio Manager

Jon Ernst

Co-Owner | Project Development Design Lead

Jon Wedel

Co-Owner | Vice President of Commercial

Justin Huff

Co-Owner | Commercial Lead Electrician

Kevin Nelson

Co-Owner | O&M Lead Electrician

Matt Eyser

Co-Owner | Senior Director of Commercial Operations

Matt Griffiths

Co-Owner | Commercial Project Manager

Matt Herman

Co-Owner | Director of O&M Services

Paul Creme

Co-Owner | Senior Technical Designer

Paul Scherzinger

Co-Owner | O&M Lead Electrician

Rachel Mountain

Co-Owner | Director of C&I Sales

Rick Coen

Co-Owner | Commercial Technical Designer

Ruby Nahan

Candidate | Associate Director of Strategic Accounts

Sam Mason

Co-Owner | Commercial Design Manager

Steve Rogers

Co-Owner | O&M Special Projects Lead Electrician

Tom Zwahlen

Co-Owner | Pre-Construction Manager

Residential Team

Alyssa Soares

Co-Owner | Residential Operations Specialist

Andy Calderon

Co-Owner | Residential Crew Lead

Angie Fogerty

Candidate | Residential Installation Manager

Anna Perry

Co-Owner | Residential Sales & Design Specialist

Aubrey Buchmann

Candidate | Project Coordinator

Chris Ochs

Candidate | Solar Installer

Colin Miller

Candidate | Residential Crew Lead

Davis Fogerty

Co-Owner | Residential Project Manager

Desiree Williams

Co-Owner | Lead Designer

Devon Breiholz

Co-Owner | Residential Field Technician

Dustin Lanning

Co-Owner | Residential Design Manager

Emily Paulsen

Co-Owner | Residential PV Designer

Gabriel Di Giacomo

Co-Owner | Residential Crew Lead & Electrician

Gage Duran

Candidate | Solar Installer

Gary Gantzer

Co-Owner | Residential Sales & Design Specialist

Geoff Lambert

Co-Owner | Residential Operations Manager

Greg Musso

Co-Owner | Service Crew Lead

Jared McCollom

Candidate | Solar PV Installer

Jacob Logar

Co-Owner | Service Crew Lead

Jason Ortiz

Co-Owner | Field Supervisor

Joe Montoya

Co-Owner | Vice President of Residential

Josh Ford

Co-Owner | Technical Apprentice

Juan Blohm

Co-Owner | Residential Training Crew Lead

Keenan Luebbers

Co-Owner | Residential Operations Manager

Kevin Ennis

Co-Owner | CAD Designer

Luke Simmons

Co-Owner | Residential Sales & Design Specialist

Matt Johnson

Co-Owner | Director of Residential Sales

Matt Thomas

Co-Owner | Service Crew Lead

Molly Williams

Co-Owner | Director of Residential Operations

Nate Metzler

Co-Owner | PV Install Electrician & Crew Lead

Noah Herreid

Co-Owner | Residential Project Manager

Paige Cofrin

Co-Owner | O&M Performance and Monitoring Analyst

Riley Neugebauer

Candidate | Solar Installer

Surendra Thapa

Co-Owner | Warehouse & Procurement Manager

William Guenther

Co-Owner | Field Technician

Awards & Certifications