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Design & Consulting

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The critical technical expertise for solar PV project success

Trusted nationally by commercial developers and new home builders, our design & consulting teams deliver the expert technical support needed to successfully navigate the complexities of project economics, siting, planning, design, permitting, and construction. Plus, we are one of the rare companies to provide design and consulting services that also installs residential and commercial systems.

Commercial design & consulting

As a solar installer with deep design expertise, we’re intimately familiar with the large number of practical, real-world details required to design-engineer eminently buildable solar PV systems.

Services: Solar Feasibility Studies; Preliminary & RFP Level System Design; Permit & Construction-Level Drawings; Comprehensive Power & Energy Production Modeling.

Residential design & consulting

With over 13,000 permit packages completed per year, we’re one of the most experienced providers of installation-ready solar PV permit packages for new home construction projects. We also provide retrofit design packages for solar installers nationwide.

Services: Residential Permit Packages; Master Community Plan Sets; Retrofit Solar PV Design Packages.

Namaste Solar has experience navigating hundreds of AJHs and multiple utilities in California for construction professionals who are navigating the California solar mandate as outlined in Title 24, Part 6. Read more about Title 24 compliance or learn how our team’s expertise will help you hit your deadlines


Experience Matters

We’ve completed projects in utility districts across the US. Our proven track record means we can navigate your project from initial planning through financing, permitting, interconnection, construction and final commissioning. Safely, professionally, on-time, and on budget.


Namaste Solar was awarded a contract to design and construct a 3.5 MW single-axis tracker for Loveland Power & Water, the municipal utility serving Loveland, Colorado. The array replaced the Idylwilde hydroelectric facility, which was damaged during a major flood in 2013.


In 2016, Namaste Solar partnered with Vermont based developer Encore Renewable Energy to provide engineering, procurement, and construction services for two 1.4 MW ground-mounted solar arrays for two municipal electric departments in Vermont.


Thanks to a grant from the NY-Sun initiative, the town of Williamson, New York is now powering all of its municipal offices with solar energy. This 1.5 MW ground-mounted solar array was constructed on a former landfill site. The system is operated by Kenyon Energy.

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