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Solar energy solutions for commercial property owners and utility-scale solar developers

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Commercial & Industrial Properties

We design and install commercial solar energy solutions that help property owners lock in low energy costs, reduce operating expenses and boost asset value.


We provide expert solar engineering-design, procurement and construction services for building utility-scale solar projects on time and on budget.


We provide the commercial and utility-scale solar consulting services that help you navigate the complexities of project siting, design, and construction.


We provide a complete solution for protecting your solar investment, ensuring optimal system performance, and helping you avoid costly repairs.

Proven solar energy expertise

Jack’s Solar Garden

The 1.2 MW community solar garden is also an agrivoltaics research site – the largest in the country. Over 3,200 panels can power over 300 homes. Read more.

Denver Water

Namaste Solar installed the 929 kW system for the new Denver Water building and site. There are three distinct arrays: a garage top canopy, a rooftop array, and ground parking canopies. Read more.

commercial ground-mounted solar array in boulder flatirons in background

NextEra at IBM Boulder

The 55 acres on IBM’s Gunbarrel campus uses more than 25,000 solar modules mounted on single-axis trackers, which orient the panels toward the sun to maximize energy production. Read more.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“When we decided to pursue a solar system installation, we selected Namasté Solar based on the merits of their experience, passion, and dedication to a high level of customer service and quality work, as well as a demonstrated commitment to holistic business practices that benefit all project stakeholders.”

- New Belgium Brewing Company


“By installing a new roof, a solar PV system, and energy-efficient lighting, we were able to modernize our office – Making it more comfortable for our employees and tenants, lower our energy costs, and reduce our carbon footprint. All with no money down.”

- Matt Emerson, President of CEAVCO Audio Visual


“This project demonstrates a creative way to replace and keep a renewable energy resource local while providing benefits to the City beyond energy generation. This facility will help Loveland Water and Power exceed its renewable energy requirements from the State, delay future capital expenditures, and can even be used for solar education in the community.”

- Gretchen Stanford, City of Loveland Foothills Solar Project

“Namasté Solar pioneered the integration of PV into the Denver Public School system. The project included installations on 16 schools and required a complex logistical strategy due to unique electrical services, structural engineering requirements, and school schedules. DPS found the Namasté Solar team to be highly professional, knowledgeable, extremely collaborative, and eager to work with our team.”

- Jim Faes, Denver Public Schools

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