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Why Batteries?

When you combine solar energy with a home battery backup system, your solar panels charge the battery during the day. Your battery then powers your essentials when the sun is down or even when the power grid is down. Home battery backups can further reduce your utility bill, increase the resiliency of your home, and put you on a path toward a zero-emissions home. Namaste Solar’s team of certified installers offers the Tesla Powerwall 3 as the premiere energy storage solution.

Benefits of Home Solar Battery Backups

Store Your Solar Energy

Store Your Solar Energy

With home batteries, you can store your solar energy and use it around the clock, 24/7. Solar + storage allows you to reduce your overall reliance on fossil fuels and the power grid. Home battery backup that is paired with solar requires no fuel or annual maintenance since it is charged by the sun.

When the grid is down, keep your power on

When the grid is down, keep your power on

Without a home battery backup system, grid-tied PV solar arrays will shut down during grid outages to prevent power from your PV system from flowing onto the grid. Shutting down the PV solar system keeps utility workers safe while working to bring the power grid back up. When you pair your PV solar system with battery backup, it islands your home during a grid outage, and you then use your battery to run essential loads in your home. The duration you can operate during an outage, and which loads you can power, is dependent on the design and size of your battery system.

Enjoy the security of a self-powered home

Enjoy the security of a self-powered home

Never worry about the lights, internet, or your refrigerator/freezer going out. With home battery backup, you can reduce your dependency on the utility and have peace of mind that you’ll have power, even during times when the grid is temporarily down.

How Storage Works

How Storage Works

During the day, the sun shines on your solar panels, powering your home. Excess power charges your battery. At night, or whenever you program your system to discharge, your home will draw electricity from your battery, utilizing clean, renewable energy.

Most home battery backup systems are not designed to support 100% of your home’s consumption when the grid is down, but rather keep “essential” items online, such as your fridge, freezer, lights, and internet. If your home’s consumption is modest or budget allows, it is possible to power your whole home when the grid is down.

What Does Home Solar Battery Backup Cost?

What Does Home Solar Battery Backup Cost?

The price of home battery systems is based on which appliances you want to operate and how many hours you want to operate them, without recharging the system from the sun. A basic battery backup system costs about $14,000, depending on complexity, and large-scale systems can run up to $42,000 or more. These average costs take into account the 30% tax credit, which is available for stand-alone battery backup systems and when combined with a solar installation through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) passed in 2022. This includes the battery(s), gateway, additional electrical equipment, permits, and licensed electrical labor. We offer our zero-down, low-interest financing for storage.

Additionally, for Colorado residents living within Xcel’s electricity grid, purchasing a Tesla battery can qualify you for Xcel’s Renewable Battery Connect incentive program, where you can save on both your battery installation and annually for your participation in the program. And, some battery purchases qualify for significant rebates in the cities of Denver and Fort Collins.

Our non-commissioned advisors can help you figure out which type of system will best fit your needs.

Solar Battery Options

Over the last few years, our team has closely monitored, researched, and tested the major home battery backup manufacturer offerings in order to offer the most reliable and cost-effective energy storage solutions. Tesla Powerwall 3 is our top choice due to its performance, warranty, reputation, and value.


A Tesla Powerwall 3 system protects your home from a power outage with seamless and reliable backup power. Through the Tesla mobile app, you will have full visibility and control over your self-powered home.  Learn more.

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Namaste Solar has over 19 years of experience, installing over 12,500 solar arrays and designing nearly a thousand home battery storage systems. We take care of everything from system design to permitting, installation, financing, and ongoing customer service. When you choose Namaste Solar, you’re amplifying your impact by working with a company that is local, employee-owned, and a Certified B Corporation.

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We couldn’t be happier with Namaste and our new solar panels! From the initial consult to the installation, everything went super smoothly and everyone was helpful and friendly. We’ve had less than ideal experiences with other contractors, and were pleasantly surprised with how awesome it was to work with Namaste!! Highly recommend this company
We had an excellent overall experience with Namaste Solar for our residential quote and install process. Anna was a fabulous resource in helping us gather info and answering allllll of my many questions during the process. I got quotes from 3 different companies in summer of 2023, and was pleased to see that Namaste (worker owned, certified B corp. etc.) was just about the same cost as a “big” national name, as well as another local solar outfit. Because of their admirable business practices, and low pressure sales tactics, we went with Namaste. Were super happy with the entire process from install to turn-on. We signed the agreement around labor day, install happened mid Nov, and it was operational on Dec 1! It all happened even quicker than their estimated timeline, which of course we don’t complain about. The online portal for monitoring our production is easy to use. We have had no issues so far, and recommend Namaste to anyone looking to go solar!
Efficient install. Great communication. This local company should be your pick for solar.

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