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Careers & Culture

More than just a job

We are a dedicated community of individuals who are passionate about what we do and how we do it. We share aligned values and appreciate working in a respectful, positive, and rewarding environment. We have a tremendous amount of loyalty and long-term commitment to the Namasté Solar family. 

We take our work seriously and continuously strive to create strong, harmonious teams while promoting individual autonomy and responsibility. Namasté Solar promotes leadership at every level, from the way we make decisions to how we contribute to our communities. This means that an installer on the roof and our CEO share in both leadership and accountability.

The Namasté Solar Way

Our culture is designed to create a cohesive community in which individuals can thrive and to foster an environment of collaboration, productivity, and potential among peers. The Namasté Solar culture promotes a shared set of goals and vision for who we are as a company, strengthens our commitment to creating strong, harmonious teams, and promotes individual autonomy and responsibility.

We recognize that one size doesn’t fit all.

We encourage work/life balance. Our work days and hours are determined by each individual and their work team and our employees may work from home or remotely.

We strive to build an open and inclusive community.

With our open office spaces, we seek to maximize interaction, creative flow, and team support. We also practice open-book management: meaning our company books, meetings, and even salaries are completely open to our co-owners.

We believe in meritocracy, not hierarchy.

No one of us is as smart as all of us. Our employees earn each others’ trust and confidence through performance and contribution – not from a job title. So we promote leadership at every level.

We believe in holistic profit measurement.

We share a vision and commitment to the long-term for ourselves and all of our stakeholders, so we use holistic profit measurement which includes work/life balance, customer satisfaction, employee morale, community involvement, and impact on the environment.

We’re in business for more than just the bottom line.

We make meaningful business decisions that aren’t just about a bottom line, which means we make concerted efforts to reduce our environmental impact and actively engage in our local communities through volunteering and charitable contributions.

We practice Frank, Open, and Honest (FOH) communication.

We believe that openly communicating with honesty decreases small talk and misunderstandings while fostering a community of co-workers that care for each other.


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