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Installing solar panels for your home can save you thousands of dollars while also making a difference. Find out how much you could save with a free quote from Colorado’s most trusted local solar company.

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Benefits of Installing Solar Panels for Your Home



A home solar system pays for itself by lowering or eliminating your electricity bill for decades. Solar panels often show thousands of dollars in savings over their lifetime – sometimes paying for themselves twice over! Just like owning your home is often a better investment than renting, owning your power can offer you better returns than “renting” from the utility company.



Did you know that residential energy use accounts for roughly 20% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States? By installing solar panels you can make a positive impact to help the environment. It’s a benefit of solar that doesn’t show up when calculating savings and return on investment; the benefit of knowing we did something to leave our planet a better place for future generations.



Home buyers are willing to pay more for a home with solar because it’s going to save them money on their electricity bill every month for years to come. A 2019 report from Zillow found that homes with solar panels sold for 4.1% more on average than homes without solar. Learn more about buying or selling a home with solar panels.

Electrical structure.


As energy costs rise, solar gives homeowners the opportunity to own their power. You can lock in lower energy rates for decades when you own your power production. Think of it this way; if you could lock in today’s gas prices for the next 20 years, would you? That’s what solar can do for your energy bill. Take control and get out of utility debt – all while utilizing renewable energy.



What goes into a home solar quote?

You want answers to your questions and specific numbers for your home, right? Not some pushy sales process and misleading numbers. Namaste Solar prioritizes people over profit; that means we give our solar advisors the freedom to be honest with customers and treat you like a person, not a potential sale.

In fact, we’ll be the first company to tell you if solar isn’t right for your home.

Once you’re ready for a quote, our team will put together a fully customized proposal for your home. You’ll see a custom design for your array, estimated solar production, the total cost of your system, the lifetime value of your system, financing options to fit your goals, and more. Learn more about what goes into your free quote.

Reach out and say hi if you’re ready for your free home solar quote!

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Namaste Solar did great job installing my solar system. I had several companies I was looking at and they were very easy to work with, honest and helpful. I would highly recommend them.
We couldn’t be happier with Namaste and our new solar panels! From the initial consult to the installation, everything went super smoothly and everyone was helpful and friendly. We’ve had less than ideal experiences with other contractors, and were pleasantly surprised with how awesome it was to work with Namaste!! Highly recommend this company
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At Namaste Solar, we are experts at designing and installing solar panels for your home. On top of that, our unique business model offers something you can’t find anywhere else – an opportunity to help shape the future of energy and how business operates in our communities.

Namaste Solar Co-owners.

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Our employee-owners have a personal stake in your satisfaction and provide superior quality work.

19 Years of Experience

19 Years of Experience

We’ve built a strong track record of success with more than 12,500+ home solar panel installations since we started in 2005.

Certified B-Corporation

Certified B-Corporation

We meet rigorous standards of social and environmental responsibility to achieve this third-party certification.

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Your free home solar quote will include: a roof assessment, a customized system design, and a calculation of your savings and return on investment. No pushy sales pitch – just honest advice.

In addition, our advisors can discuss home electrification options for your home, including home battery backup, EV chargers, heat pumps, electrical panel upgrades, and more.

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