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With 13+ years of experience installing over 6,000 home solar panel systems, we know how to make the solar installation process easy for our customers, and we do it better than any other local solar company. Our time-tested process ensures that all the details are covered, from design to permitting, incentives and installation. And all you have to worry about is what to do with all the money you’ll save.

  • Design

    We'll design a custom system optimized to save you the most money and present payment options.

  • Consultation

    We'll take a look at your roof and your electricity usage and determine how much you can save.

  • Permitting

    We'll take care of the details and obtain all the necessary permitting with your city and with your local utility.

  • Installation

    Our experienced installation team will install your solar system, which typically takes 1-3 days.

  • Activation

    After installation, we'll schedule a final inspection and help you activate your system.

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