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Namaste Solar is here to act as your service partner!

If you are concerned that your system is not functioning properly, the best first step is to reset your system. Completing your system reset before submitting your service request may save you time and money. We have developed the most common reset processes in the FAQ section below for you to follow.

Please see the FAQ’s below for general inquiries and educational information about your system and the services we offer.

How much does service cost?

Namaste Solar is here to act as your service partner! Your original purchase agreement will contain the official legal terms of the warranties associated to your solar PV system. Should the need for service arise, the following documents offer a summary of what is covered and the associated costs.

Service Billing

Service Expectations After Install

What should I do if I suspect my inverter is off?

The most common first step for service inquiries related to errors on inverters or suspicion that an inverter is off, is to do a system reset. Completing a system reset may clear the issue and get your inverter back online, with no need to pay for a service visit. Identify the manufacturer of your inverter and select from the following reset guides to reset your system. Following the reset, if the issues is not resolved, please submit a service request.

SolarEdge Inverter Reset

Fronius Inverter Reset

SMA Inverter Reset


How do I know if my system is producing what it should?

Shading, weather, time of day, and time of year all have impacts on how much your solar PV system will produce. Estimations made during design are calculated to allow for up to 30% variation in production month over month to account for these fluctuations.

Understanding Solar PV Production

What should I do if there are issues with my monitoring system or portal?

The most common first step for service inquiries of this nature is to do a monitoring reset. Identify the manufacturer of your monitoring system and select from the following reset guides to reset your monitor. Additionally, if you are having an issue with your online portal you may reach out to your monitoring manufacturer directly for remote software support. Following the reset, or call with your manufacturer, if the issue is not resolved, please submit a service request.

Monitoring Not Working – LG

Monitoring Reset – SolarEdge- Zigbee/Gateway

SolarEdge Alert Help

How can I see production reflected on my utility bill?

Your net meter will spin forward if you are consuming energy and backward if you are producing energy. Reading your net meter once a month can tell you how much net energy you’ve produced or consumed for that period. It can also be helpful to check your production meter and/or your inverter screen to read your system’s energy production.

Understanding Your Xcel Energy Bill with Solar

What can I do to limit snow from falling off my solar panels?

Snow guard products can be added to your system to slow and break up the melting and sliding of snow off of solar panels. This can reduce the impact that falling snow can have on objects in the fall zone. Submit a service request to get an estimate to add snow guard to your roof or solar array.

What do I do if I see loose animal guard on my array, or animals under my array?

Animal guard is a heavy PVC coated black wire mesh that is installed around the perimeter of your array. It is a deterrent against nesting birds, rodents, and small mammals. Animal guard is NOT a guarantee against animal damages.  However, when effective, it has the potential to save thousands of dollars in repairs that pesky critters can cause.
Animals can cause excessive damage by chewing on wires and digging into shingles under roof mounted solar arrays.
If you see animal activity under your array please submit a service request and we will help you schedule a service visit.
If live animals, or unsafe amounts of animal waste, are present we may require that you coordinate a wildlife removal specialist to assist with clean up and removal.
Removing trees or vegetation that are near or come up to the roof is a helpful way to deter animals from accessing your roof.
Damages by animals, or acts of nature, are not covered under your warranty. You may inquire with your homeowners insurance to see if they offer coverage for this type of damage.

Does Namaste Solar provide system removal/reinstall to allow for roof re-shingling, repairs, or renovations?

If you need to have your roof re-shingled, repaired, or are completing a re-model that impacts your roof surface, please submit a service request to request an estiamte for a Deinstall/Reinstall of your system.
For details about the DeRe process and what to expect please click here.

What is Namaste Solar’s service area?

Our team includes technicians operating out of both Denver and Boulder. Our operational range is roughly 50 miles from each of these locations along the Front Range.

Does Namaste Solar service solar PV systems not installed by Namaste Solar?

At this time, we are only servicing systems installed by Namaste Solar.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

To search for other service providers in your area visit the COSSA directory.

We are able to offer deinstallation/reinstallation services for systems not installed by Namaste Solar. Fill out the form below to get on our schedule.

Does Namaste Solar service off-grid solar PV, battery, or generator systems?

No, unless the system was originally installed by Namaste Solar.
Please visit the COSSA directory for a list of certified service agents in your area.

Does Namaste Solar provide panel washing services?

No, Namaste Solar does not provide panel washing services.
Colorado snow and rain happens frequently enough to sufficiently clear dust and soil from home solar PV systems. The low production value gained from panel cleaning does not match the cost of hiring a panel washing service in most circumstances.
If you wish to have your system washed please reach out to a panel cleaning service provider in your area.

Does Namaste Solar service solar thermal systems (solar hot water)?

No. Please search for solar thermal service providers in your area.

I think I have hail damage to my roof and/or panels. What should I do?

If you have visible damage to your roof or solar panels following a hailstorm please start by calling your homeowners insurance company to discuss their process for making a claim. If you can see visible damage to your panels, or if you need to have your roof resurfaced, please submit a request for service.

Home Solar Service Request

Please be aware that our service team is busier than usual.

We are currently able to provide deinstallation/reinstallation (panels removed for roof-related work) for all systems whether or not they were installed by Namaste Solar. 

Due to a high volume of requests, we are only providing general service (issues related to your system underperforming or not working ) for systems installed by Namaste Solar.

To find another service provider in your area, click here.

Please fill out the form to get your project or question into our queue. Namaste Solar’s Service Team offers general service for residential solar PV systems, as well as deinstallation/reinstallation to accommodate roof work, including roof repair due to hail damage.


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