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Our Home Solar Service & Maintenance Team

Namasté Solar’s Service Department is an essential part of our commitment to total customer satisfaction. We aim to provide the strongest skill set, in-depth experience, and technical knowledge to keep your solar PV system running smoothly for years to come.


We take a proactive role in system maintenance through:

  • System Inspections
  • Performance Reporting
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Customer Training
Do you service solar thermal systems (solar hot water)?

No. We specialize in service for solar electric systems.

How do I know my system is working?

The best way is to confirm you have a value, often fluctuating, in watts (W) on the inverter display screen.

How do I read my net meter and see it spinning backwards?

Reading the net meter, in most scenarios, is not helpful. Your production meter is the what you should monitor (if one is associated with the system).

What do I do if my inverter is reading a fault?

Leave the inverter in fault mode, do not power cycle, and take a picture of the fault error if you can. Then email these details to service@namastesolar.com.

Will my system be producing with bad weather/snow?

Depending on the weather severity, the inverter might produce very low values, but could also be completely off with no lights or in sleep mode. It is always best to wait out the weather and confirm production on the next sunny day or when the snow melts.

I am looking at my monitoring system and there is no production?

This is generally a communication problem between the inverter and monitoring device; most often, the system is still producing. Occasionally, power cycling the inverter can correct this issue.

What if there's a hailstorm, can my solar panels withstand hail?
Solar electric panels are built with high‐impact tempered glass. The solar industry standard dictates that panels should be able to withstand golfball-sized hail. If your solar panels do suffer any hail damage, you can claim the damage via your homeowner’s insurance policy, and we have a dedicated service team ready to help take care of your investment.


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