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With 13+ years of experience installing over 6,000 home solar panel systems, we know how to make the solar installation process easy for our customers, and we do it better than any other local solar company. Our time-tested process ensures that all the details are covered, from design to permitting, incentives and installation. And all you have to worry about is what to do with all the money you’ll save.

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Get a free quote to find out how much you can save with solar. Your free quote will include: a roof assessment, a customized system design, and a calculation of your savings and return on investment.

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Schedule a Home Visit

The next step is a home visit where your home solar advisor will confirm the inital roof assessment, walk through your solar proposal, and answer any remaining questions you have.

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Get Ready to Save!

Once you are ready to make solar a reality for your home, we’ll take care of the rest! From permitting to installation and activation, you’ll be on your way to saving with the sun!

Why are we the #1 local Colorado solar company?

Installation of our solar system was professionally done. The installers answered all questions and were fastidious with cleanup. There was no drama! The job was completed on time without a hitch. Much different than with our last solar system installed by another well known company in Denver. Warranties are outstanding. The system is 3 years old and has performed beyond expectations. I would use Namaste again with enthusiasm.read more
Fisher James
Fisher James
23:17 11 Oct 18
Totally happy. I compared three companies side by side, breaking out all the elements. I decided to go with Namaste because they had the most efficient panels, straightforward info and unsurpassed local reputation. They fulfilled all expectations and even got the job done early. What a great group.read more
Rayos de Luz
Rayos de Luz
15:23 12 Oct 18
I can see why Namaste rates as one of the best places to work in our community. The staff seemed happy. The installers were great and the result was lowering our utility bill significantly. Now I just need to be able to afford the battery backup system!read more
David Hazen
David Hazen
21:37 11 Oct 18
Namaste has stellar customer service. They re-engineered the panel mounts for our unique roof and to meet building code. The installers were enthusiastic, showed us around during installation and helped train us. Their sales manager followed up with us before, during and after installation. We think we received the best value for our panels in comparison to bids from other companies. Overall, a great experience.read more
Anne Jefferson
Anne Jefferson
17:14 17 Aug 18
I do know how the experience of buying and installing a solar power system could have gone more smoothly. The staff at Namaste Solar worked closely with me every step of the way. They actually were able to install the system sooner than expected. They installed the system in two days. Within another three days, the system was approved by the Fort Collins electric code department and turned on by the Fort Collins Utilities personnel. It was a very positive experience, and I would recommend Namaste Solar to anyone looking to install solar power on their home.read more
Donald Suit
Donald Suit
19:25 13 Oct 18
Worked with Sean and his crew on a commercial roof solar install. Very knowledgeable. Detail oriented and a pleasure to work with !read more
Clay Rogers
Clay Rogers
19:37 09 Oct 18

Questions about solar?

Good! We have answers! Download the Essential Home Solar Buying Guide and get straightforward answers to the most important questions everyone should ask when considering home solar. Learn how much solar costs, how much you can save, if your house is a good match for solar, and what the next steps are to go solar.


Be informed, not sold. That’s part of the Namasté Solar way!

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Mead, Colorado

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Westminster, Colorado

4 kW
Gallagher, Bridget 1487 Periwinkle Dr, Boulder, CO 80304

Boulder, Colorado

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300 Corral Creek Rd, Evergreen

Evergreen, Colorado

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338 S. Williams Street Denver _-3

Denver, Colorado

6 kW

What to Expect from Us

We make the solar installation process easy and take care of all the details. Here are the steps we’ll take to ensure you have a solar panel system that is expertly designed, installed, and ready for the sunshine.

  • Consultation

    We'll assess your roof, your electricity usage, and available local incentives and determine how much you can save.

  • Design

    We'll design a custom system optimized to save you the most money and present you with payment options.

  • Permitting

    We'll take care of the details and obtain the required permitting with your city and local utility.

  • Installation

    Our highly-trained team of expert installers will install your solar panel system. No subcontractors here.

  • Activation

    We'll schedule a final inspection and help you activate your system to get you saving with clean solar!

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