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Sustainability Initiatives

We make concerted efforts to reduce our environmental footprint through our energy and water use, waste generation, and transportation choices.

Company Initiatives Include:

  • Our two office buildings are solar powered and LEED-certified.
  • Our bathroom and kitchen appliances are low-flow and waterless, where possible.
  • We strive for zero-waste operations, with an extensive composting and recycling program at both offices.
  • Our office kitchens have disposal stations with labeled bins for paper, compost, plastic bags, and co-mingled containers.
  • Our warehouses have additional bins for scrap metal, shrink-wrap, and other recyclables.
  • We have a hard-to-recycle materials station in our Boulder warehouse for items such as batteries, CFL lightbulbs, bike tires, clothing, plastic bubble wrap, those little plastic strips that go around large bulky packages, electronics, and hard Styrofoam, thanks to our partners at Eco-Cycle.
  • Employees can bring items from home to put into these containers as well, so that we’re reducing not only the company footprint, but by extension, all of our individual footprints too.
  • We encourage carpooling and biking, and provide free bus passes to all employees.
  • We drive a fleet of converted plug-in electric, hybrid, and biodiesel company vehicles.
  • We have a voluntary Sustainability Committee that monitors tracking systems, implements process improvements, and brainstorms new ideas and initiatives.

By recycling all of these items, our company has been able to reduce our waste stream to about 15% of incoming materials.


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