The Namaste Solar residential design and consulting team has unique expertise to offer construction professionals who are navigating the new California solar mandate for 2020. With thousands of custom solar designs completed each year and experience with hundreds of AHJ requirements, our team ensures your permit package will make it through permitting so you can meet your deadlines.

Read more about the basics of Title 24, Part 6 solar or learn more about Title 24 compliance and calculations.

Title 24 Energy Calculations

The Namaste Solar design team is fully versed in the new code requirements and Title 24 energy calculations necessary to properly design each solar panel system to the home and its specific climate zone. Along with helping you navigate Title 24, we are also experienced in dealing with specific AHJ and utility requirements in California (over half of our team’s design work is in CA) and across the nation.

“If you want full permit sets, you can trust that we’re going to get it through permitting for you,” says Dustin Lanning, Co-Owner and Residential Design Group Manager.

“You can calculate the system size all you want, but if you don’t include the right notes, equipment specifications, or calculations per jurisdiction, then the permit won’t be approved. We have 5 years and 100 plus AHJs worth of knowledge and are very ready to complete design work for customers across the country.”

À La Carte Design and Consulting Expertise

“We work on as little or as much of the project as makes sense to match what your needs are,” says Lanning. “Whether that’s a preliminary design set to see what is going to fit and help make design decisions early in the process, or a full permit package with the right notes, equipment, and calculations per jurisdiction requirements, our team has the solar design and consulting expertise to keep your project on track.”

Our clients are assigned a project manager who will promptly respond to all requests; our team is always just an email or a call away. And because we know how timeline sensitive construction deadlines are, our turnaround time for solar design work is 3 business days or less. Our robust file sharing capabilities makes it easy to get you your files and meet your deadlines.

Additionally, Namaste Solar’s residential design and consulting team offers a collaborative and flexible approach to make sure you get the results you need. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and we’re here to deliver custom solar design packages so your project can succeed.

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