Mission, Values, and Pillars
Our mission is to propagate the responsible use of solar energy, pioneer conscientious business practices, and create holistic wealth for ourselves and our community.


What are Conscientious Business Practices?

onscientious (definition): Principled; guided by or in accordance with the dictates of conscience, or by the inner sense of what is right and wrong.

Our definition of conscientious business practices:

Prioritize “doing the right thing” above all else.

          Contribute to social justice and positive social change.

          Contribute to a healthier natural environment.

What is Holistic Wealth?

Holistic (definition): Emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts.

Our definition of holistic wealth:

Benefits all stakeholders equitably – customers, employees, investors, communities, and the environment – as opposed to inequitably benefiting some stakeholder(s) at the expense of other(s).  Recognizes the interdependence of all stakeholders

 Core Values

The core values  are characteristics that we, as team members, strive to embody and we consciously make them a part of our daily vocabulary. 

DISTRIBUTED LEADERSHIP:  We value the unique gifts and perspectives that each individual contributes to our company; no one of us is as smart as all of us.

CO-OWNERSHIP MENTALITY:  We think and act like business owners and proactively engage in co-creating our company's success.

FOH:  We practice and encourage frank, open, honest (F.O.H) communication.

FUN:  Namastaliens like to play and have fun together, and we're fond of engaging in pranks and tom-foolery.

LONG-TERM THINKING:  We prioritize long-term over short-term thinking in all that we do.

ACCOUNTABILITY:  We take our responsibilities seriously and hold ourselves and each other accountable.

SAFETY:  We take ownership of our own and other stakeholder's safety.

HOLISTIC PERSPECTIVE:  We measure profit and success holistically

ENTREPRENEURIALISM:  We foster learning and innovation while being open to taking risks and learning from our mistakes.

STAKEHOLDER BALANCING:  We seek to holistically balance the interests of our Customers, our Investors, our Community, our Company, Ourselves, and the Earth.

Pillars of Co-Ownership

The word, “Pillar,” denotes both a principle and a structural feature.  We created the following Pillars of Co-Ownership to guide us in our endeavors and serve as a reminder of what Co-ownership means to us.  Our Pillars provide the fundamental framework for how we uphold Co-Ownership.  A building requires pillars in order to remain stable and prevent collapse, especially when stressed by external and internal loading.  

COOPERATIVE OWNERSHIP:  We each own an equal voting share in our company.

DEMOCRATIC DECISION-MAKING:  We participate in decision-making on a one-person, one-vote basis.

EXTREME TRANSPARENCY:  We practice open book management and hold open meetings. 

To learn more about our company model and employee ownership, see the Co-Ownership section.


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