The Benefits of Solar for Business

Generate Tax Benefits

Recoup over 40% of your solar investment in under 2 years through tax credits and deductions.

Stabilize and Reduce OpEx

Deploying a solar asset reduces your exposure to rising utility rates and significantly reduces your utility bills for 30+ years of increased NOI.

Differentiate Your Property

A growing number of consumers and tenants favor businesses that make a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Experience Matters

Over 17 years, Namaste Solar has designed and installed more than 10,000 solar energy systems totaling more than 160 megawatts. As a local company, we know the ins and outs of solar in Colorado and are committed to maximizing your ROI. Our solar energy experts handle every detail from design to permitting to installation, and we deliver customized, turnkey solar energy solutions.

Colorado State University

Colorado State University

From 2020 to 2022, Namaste Solar designed and constructed 4.2 MW of solar power across 20 sites. This includes sites on the Main, South, and Foothill campuses and both rooftop arrays and ground mount arrays.

KONG Company Carport building.

Kong Company

Namaste Solar built solar carports and installed EV charging stations for the KONG Company in Golden, CO. In total, the 247 kW system utilizes 595 panels and is estimated to produce 330,750 kWh in its first year of operations. The solar carports will power the production of around 2 million dog toys per year!

Denver Water Downtown Denver.

Denver Water

Namaste Solar installed the 929 kW system for the new Denver Water building and site. There are three distinct arrays: a garage top canopy, a rooftop array, and ground parking canopies.

BH 305 Arthur LLC

BH 305 Arthur LLC

BH 305 Arthur LLC partnered with Namaste Solar for a 127 kW commercial solar installation on the rooftop of the Louisville office building. The system is made up of 306 panels and will offset 100% of energy usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any incentives to go solar?

There are several incentives to go solar. Some include the 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC), 100% bonus depreciation, Xcel Medium Solar Rewards Program, Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), utility savings, and increased property values.

Our solar advisors have extensive solar experience and will ensure that your quote includes all available incentives.

What is the life expectancy of a solar system?

An expertly engineered and constructed system with equipment from reputable and bankable manufacturers will have a three-decade estimated useful life (EUL). Solar modules themselves have a 25-year performance warranty. Inverters standard warranty is 10 years.

What is the most common type of commercial solar system?

Rooftop and carport systems are the most common options for commercial property owners. Ground-mount systems are also an option, but less common due to the required land. Custom solar solutions like building integrated photovoltaics (PV) and solar awnings are much less common, frequently less efficient, and always more expensive.

What can I expect to save, and will solar reduce demand?

A typical 30,000-square-foot roof can accommodate a 200-kW solar system. In year one, this system will reduce utility bills $15K or more, generate about $11K of incentive income, and produce over $185K in tax benefits on a $400K investment.

Demand (kW) is a separate charge on the bill, one for which we do not model savings. Solar can reduce measured demand, but because of the way Xcel Energy measures it (the highest single 15-minute average throughout a month), it is not predictable enough to model with certainty. There is, however, a solar rate available which lowers the price of demand.

What is the typical payback period for solar?

A typical 200-kW commercial solar system in Xcel Energy’s Colorado territory breaks even in 6-8 years, then provides 22-24 years of pre-paid clean energy.

Does solar make sense if I don’t occupy my building?

Commercial solar is beneficial to both property owners and tenants in gross or NNN leases. There are two methods to overcome the split incentive: Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy financing (C-PACE) and green leases.

Even more questions? Check out our free Commercial Solar Buyers Guide.

The Namaste Solar Difference

Employee smiling

A Colorado Company

As a local company, we know the ins and outs of solar in Colorado and have built partnerships with firms across the state to help your project succeed. Working with us keeps your money local and supports Colorado jobs. Our local and national awards speak to our expertise.

No Pressure, No Commission

No Pressure, No Commission

Get honest answers and advice from our non-commissioned solar experts who will work with you to build a project that meets your specific goals. We’re here to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to make a decision. No one needs a pushy sales pitch.

Certified B-Corporation

Certified B-Corporation

Namaste Solar has been a Certified B Corp since 2011, meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. As a B Corp, we consider the impacts of our decisions on all our stakeholders, including our customers.

What Our Customers Say

The solar looks great. We have noticed that many of our tenants are proud to work in a building that is solar powered and have included it in their monthly newsletters. Pretty exciting stuff.

— Aaryn Manning, Westbrook Development Partners

Aaryn Manning, Westbrook Development Partners

When we decided to pursue a solar system installation, we selected Namasté Solar based on the merits of their experience, passion, and dedication to a high level of customer service and quality work, as well as a demonstrated commitment to holistic business practices that benefit all project stakeholders.

— New Belgium Brewing Company

New Belgium Brewing Company

By installing a new roof, a solar PV system, and energy-efficient lighting, we were able to modernize our office – Making it more comfortable for our employees and tenants, lower our energy costs, and reduce our carbon footprint. All with no money down.

— Matt Emerson, President of CEAVCO Audio Visual

Matt Emerson, President of CEAVCO Audio Visual

Namasté Solar pioneered the integration of PV into the Denver Public School system. The project included installations on 16 schools and required a complex logistical strategy due to unique electrical services, structural engineering requirements, and school schedules. DPS found the Namasté Solar team to be highly professional, knowledgeable, extremely collaborative, and eager to work with our team.

— Jim Faes, Denver Public Schools

Jim Faes, Denver Public Schools

This project demonstrates a creative way to replace and keep a renewable energy resource local while providing benefits to the City beyond energy generation. This facility will help Loveland Water and Power exceed its renewable energy requirements from the State, delay future capital expenditures, and can even be used for solar education in the community.

— Gretchen Stanford, City of Loveland Foothills Solar Project

Gretchen Stanford, City of Loveland Foothills Solar Project

Awards & Certifications