Rutland Community Solar


This community solar project provides clean, renewable, and affordable energy for customers ranging from small businesses to homeowners. Acting as the EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) partner, Namaste Solar worked with the developer to value-engineer the system and complement the existing farmland, and holds the operations & maintenance (O&M) contract to maintain the system. Low-growth grass was planted throughout the solar arrays to minimize maintenance and mowing requirements, and agricultural-type deer fencing was used to secure the perimeter of the solar farm and maintain a farm-like scene that fits with the local vernacular of the area. The southern facing slope of the site made it a perfect candidate for a solar project.

Many people looking to go solar do not have a favorable site (due to factors like shading from trees or roof obstructions), or they do not own their home or apartment. Community solar allows these customers to save money by buying a portion of the power produced from this solar farm even though it may be 50 miles from their home. The farmer that owns this land also benefits by leasing his land to the system owner, thus diversifying the income of his working farm and adding to his bottom line. Additionally, the town receives property tax from the system, so even local schools benefit from community solar projects like this one. Community solar projects are an exciting way to offer solar power to the masses.

1.3 MW

Awards & Certifications