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Denver Homeless Veteran on the Criminalization of Homelessness

Jerry is a Marine veteran and is homeless on the streets of Denver. He shares about the realities of life on the streets. Jerry has also been ticketed three times by the city of Denver for "urban camping." He explains how shelters are either full or horrible places, so he'd rather pitch a tent.


Why Veterans Remain at Greater Risk of Homelessness

Ex-service members have long been at greater risk of homelessness than the general population. Thomas Byrne, a Boston University School of Social Work associate professor, is an expert on homelessness, and among the researchers studying why veterans are more likely to land in shelters—and how to better help them.


Rethinking the Closet: Coming Out LGBTQ* vs Inviting In

What if there were no closets for LGBTQ+ persons to come out from? Whose closet is it anyway? Why does society choose to hideaway any human experience in the closet? Find answers to these questions and more in this thought-provoking talk by Dr. Lulu, pediatrician, parent of a transgender youth, and parent coach.


How Black Queer Culture Shaped History

Names like Bayard Rustin, Frances Thompson and William Dorsey Swann have been largely erased from US history, but they and other Black queer leaders played central roles in monumental movements like emancipation, civil rights and LGBTQ+ pride, among others. In this tribute to forgotten icons, queer culture historian and TED Fellow Channing Gerard Joseph shares their little-known stories, connecting the origins of drag in the 1880s to the present day and exploring the awesome power to choose how we define ourselves.


Art in the Twenty-First Century: Cannupa Hanska Luger

Luger uses his role as an artist to try to effect change and chart a path to a future where Indigenous people and their rights are respected, we live in greater harmony with our planet, and the myth of the individual is abolished.


Rising Voices / Hótȟaŋiŋpi – Revitalizing the Lakota Language

Rising Voices/Hotȟaŋiŋpi tells the story of a passionate, dedicated and diverse group of people – members of the Lakota community and linguists from outside of the community – who are working together to save the Lakota language and restore it to its rightful place in Lakota, and American, culture.


The case to recognize Indigenous knowledge as science

In this passionate talk, Albert Wiggan calls for better recognition from the scientific community arguing that Indigenous knowledge is science and that's what we should call it. Albert Wiggan is a Bardi-Kija-Nyul Nyul man from the beautiful waters of Boddergron (Cygnet Bay) on the Dampier Peninsula, who is passionate about culture, country and Indigenous science.


Knowledge Keepers: Cedar Harvest

Jessica Silvey and her partner Robert Joe are traditionalists and knowledge keepers who reside on the Sechelt reserve on the Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada. Their professional and personal lives involve the preservation of cultural traditions, passed down from generation to generation. In this video, Jessica and Robert take us on a special trip to document the ancient tradition of harvesting cedar bark—the material of Coast Salish basket weaving and regalia making.


Alok Vaid-Menon: The Urgent Need for Compassion 

An episode of The Man Enough Podcast. Do you know who you are outside of who you have been told you should be? Acclaimed gender non-conforming writer, performer, and speaker, ALOK, shares their story and the stories of those who came before them. In a conversation filled with wisdom, historical insight, and radical mercy, ALOK challenges us to value compassion over comprehension, to try harder for each other in the name of love, and reminds us that learning is a sign of being alive.


Real Ones with Jon Bernthal | Kevin Vance, retired U.S. Special Forces and firefighter

Kevin Vance is a retired US Military Veteran and is currently a firefighter and first responder. Kevin and Jon met while Kevin was consulting on the film Fury. They discuss law enforcement, masculinity, resiliency, civil discourse, and more.


The Psychological Forces Behind A Cultural Reckoning: Understanding #MeToo

Nearly a quarter century ago, a group of women accused a prominent playwright of sexual misconduct. A Boston newspaper published allegations of sexual harassment, unwanted touching and forced kissing. For the most part, the complaints went nowhere. In 2017, more women came forward with accusations. This time, everybody listened. On this episode of Hidden Brain, we explore the story through the lens of social science and ask, "Why Now?"


How three unlikely groups worked together to achieve interracial solidarity

We turn to late 1960s Chicago, when three unlikely groups came together to form a coalition based on interracial solidarity. It's hard to imagine this kind of collaboration today, but we dove into how a group of Black radicals, Confederate flag-waving white Southerners, and street-gang-turned-activist Puerto Ricans found common ground. They called themselves: The Rainbow Coalition.