Keep the Lights on Colorado 2022

We raised $100,000 to support 400 Colorado families! Thank you!

Together with companies and individuals, Namaste Solar raised $100,000 to support 400 Colorado families who are struggling to afford their energy bills. This campaign supports Energy Outreach Colorado, a not-for-profit that utilizes community solar subscriptions and emergency bill assistance for local families. Each community solar subscription reduces a family’s monthly bill while harnessing the cost savings and environmental benefits of solar energy.

“Energy Outreach Colorado is proud to partner with Namaste Solar and their innovative Keep the Lights on Colorado campaign,” said Tess Richey, director of development at Energy Outreach Colorado. “The funds raised will help stabilize families facing energy insecurity by reducing household energy costs through long-term solar subscriptions, making home energy more affordable. This campaign has continued to grow over the past three years, and we are thrilled that the organizations and individuals who support this year’s campaign have made it the most impactful year yet.”

According to Energy Outreach Colorado one in four households struggle with a high energy burden. These households are spending a disproportionate amount of their income on energy bills. The energy burden on low-income households is 3x that of higher-income households. The community solar subscriptions address an immediate need by taking a cost burden away from families and giving them the freedom to invest in other needs.

Corporate Sponsors

Thank you to these partners for committing to give back to our community this season! Click on their logo to learn more about these organizations and what they offer.

Leadership Level

$5,000 – Covers the average yearly community solar subscription for 20 families.

Influencer Level

$2,500 – Covers the average yearly community solar subscription for 10 families.

Promotor Level

$1,000 – Covers the average yearly community solar subscription for 4 families.


Energy Outreach Colorado works to expand access to affordable energy for Coloradans who have less power, privilege and income. We work with community members facing energy insecurity so they have a voice in ensuring the equitability of energy access. EOC programs provide a direct impact for the people they serve by helping them afford their energy costs, worry less, and live in a warm and safe home.

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