Utility Solar

Namasté Solar has a proven track record of deploying solar energy systems for utilities.

Our nationally recognized team has over ten years of solar energy experience partnering with utilities to manage peak load, meet greenhouse gas reduction goals and comply with renewable portfolio standards. Our experienced team manages the complexities of project siting, financing, permitting, and construction to build cost-competitive projects. We believe in working hand-in-hand with all project stakeholders, with an aim to build partnerships and consensus to mitigate project roadblocks and risks.  

Loveland Power & Water

Namasté Solar was awarded a contract to design and construct a 3.5 MW single-axis tracker for the Loveland Power & Water, the municipal utility serving Loveland, Colorado. The array replaced the Idylwilde hydroelectric facility, which was damaged during a major flood in September 2013. The Foothills Solar and Substation project is the first electric-generating facility in the United States to receive approval through the Federal Emergency Management Administration’s Alternate Project process.


Stowe Electric & Hyde Park Electric

Partnering with Vermont-based developer, Encore Renewable Energy, Namasté Solar provided engineering, procurement, and construction services for two 1.4 MW ground-mounted solar arrays: one for the Stowe Electric Department in Stowe, Vermont, and one for the Hyde Park Electric Department in Hyde Park, Vermont.  The projects, commissioned in September 2016, achieved project financing under the US Treasury Department’s Clean Renewable Energy Bonds program.


Town of Williamson

The town of Williamson, New York is now powering all of its municipal offices with solar energy. This 1.5 MW ground-mounted solar array was constructed on a former landfill site. The installation is owned and operated by Kenyon Energy and was made possible, in part, with a grant from the NY-Sun initiative.

Our Approach

Namasté Solar is an employee-owned cooperative, meaning our entire team is invested in your project’s success. Learn more about our unique approach to business.

Our Expertise

Namasté Solar is a recognized expert in solar PV technology, providing forward-thinking and client-centered solar energy solutions for businesses and organizations.

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