Purchasing Solar

More Solar Savings

Friends & Family Referral

Recommend a Namasté Solar PV system to someone and you will each get $250 dollars – either a $250 discount off your new solar system, or a cash rebate if you make the referral!

Solar Friendly Communities

We offer a $500 discount to anyone installing a solar system in a Solar Friendly Community. Cities and counties that qualify for this designation have met strict criteria to refine their solar permitting and inspection processes. For more information, visit solarcommunities.org.

Colorado State Incentives

To look up incentives by state, visit: dsireusa.org.


State of Colorado

  • State Sales Tax Waiver (2.9%)
  • RTD Sales Tax Waiver (1.2%)


The City of Boulder

  • Sales Tax Rebate (15%)
Xcel Rebates & Renewable Energy Credits
  • Minimal system size to qualify for rebate/Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) is 0.5KW
  • 0.5¢ per kWh RECs for 10 years
Federal Income Tax Credits

You can receive a 30% tax credit for a residential system until 2021.

Payment Options

10% Down Payment
Installation Milestone Payments
Homeowner Owns the System
Eligible for Federal Tax Credit
Eligible For Available Utility Incentives
Production Monitoring Available
10 Year Installation Warranty
Up To 25 Year Product Warranty
0% Down Payment
Low Interest Monthly Payments

What Our Customers Say

“This was the most positive experience I have had with a major purchase and installation. Everyone from the sales team to the technicians, subcontractors, and installers were all professional and friendly.”


John D., Erie, CO

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