Namaste Solar’s 2020 Impact by the Numbers

1,152 Solar Projects Installed

Each solar panel turns sunshine into clean energy, and every home and commercial property that makes the switch to solar is part of creating significant change. Aside from installing 13,618 kW worth of solar power in 2020, we also designed 12,893 systems and serviced 1,124 projects.

Deep Environmental Impact

Our 2020 solar installations are the equivalent of 96 acres of U.S. forests preserved, 233,821 trees planted, or 2,394 homes powered for one year.

10 Years as a Certified B Corporation

Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business that balance purpose and profit. We consider how our decisions impact our workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. As a B Corp, we are part of a global movement of people using business as a force for good. Learn more.

13 New Co-Owners

As an employee-owned cooperative, we believe in empowering our employees to take ownership of their work—literally! Our 89 co-owners, 16 candidates, and 73 employees bring care, quality, and an ownership mentality to everything we do. Learn more.

51 New Hires

Namaste Solar continues to grow and operate in the communities of Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins. As we grow, not only do we impact the local economy, but we promote more green jobs within the community. We also expand the community of customers and partners who have joined our mission to invest in clean energy.

$75K in Community Giving

In 2020, Namaste Solar donated $48,494 to 10 organizations through community profit sharing—a program in which we dedicate 10% of our net profits to our community stakeholder; $10,000 to Energy Outreach Colorado through the Keep the Lights on Campaign; $2,000 in support of Resource Central; $3,000 to The Alliance Center; and $12,000 to Cal-Wood Education Center to support them through the pandemic and fire.

3,096 Hours of Electrical Training

Namaste Solar provides electrical apprenticeship training to our installation teams to help them build their skill sets and advance their careers. We invest heavily in our team to ensure the highest quality installations, provide the best in customer service, and to maintain our stellar safety record.

290 Accident-Free Days

At Namaste Solar, safety is a top priority and in 2020, despite the challenges of COVID-19, our safety team supported our employees in accomplishing 290 accident-free days. As it is one of our company’s core values, we foster a culture of safety at Namaste Solar by holding ourselves accountable for both our employees and customers safety.

292 Days of Working Remote

Because of COVID-19, starting in March 2020, Namaste Solar employees began working from home in order to protect the health of our staff, customers, and community. We’re incredibly grateful to the folks who were and are still interested in going solar while navigating life during a pandemic.

Dozens of New Hobbies, Pets, and Plants

In addition to the challenges of 2020, people took time to learn new hobbies, adopt pets, and fine tune their green thumbs. Our employees brought 12 new pets into the family, learned to make sourdough bread, finished lots of puzzles, started woodworking, and adopted lots of houseplants.

16 Years of Business

Sixteen years after it was founded, Namaste Solar has persisted as one of the most well-respected solar companies in Colorado. Despite the many ups and downs in the solar industry and challenges of 2020, we’re proud that we continue to fulfill our purpose of transforming energy and transforming business. Thank you to our customers for your support and to our hard-working teams that make Namaste Solar the company we are today.