Namasté Solar partners with land and real estate owners to develop large-scale solar energy projects in Colorado, California, and the Northeast.

Generate Property Income with Renewable Power

Utilities and local governments are turning to solar energy development to meet Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), which are state mandates to increase energy production from renewable sources. Namasté Solar works with landowners looking to lease their property for solar energy projects. Property leases for solar energy generation can provide a predictable revenue stream for property owners, and help states achieve carbon reduction goals through generating clean energy.


Building Partnerships, Caring for the Land

Namasté Solar is an employee-owned cooperative with a commitment to long-term, holistic thinking. Our team works to build long-term partnerships with landowners to develop renewable energy projects that benefit the local community. We believe in working as stewards of the land, engineering and siting projects that have a minimal environmental impact while yielding the benefits of clean, solar energy and improving the productivity of your land.

Our Approach

Namasté Solar is an employee-owned cooperative, meaning our entire team is invested in your project’s success. Learn more about our unique approach to business.

Our Expertise

Namasté Solar is a recognized expert in solar PV technology, providing forward-thinking and client-centered solar energy solutions for businesses and organizations.

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