Quality Assurance & Commissioning

Having an impartial third party perform quality assurance and commissioning adds critical accountability mechanisms to achieve project integrity. From design to implementation, our oversight will verify installation quality to ensure system performance and safety.

Namasté Solar can also provide a technical assessment to contribute to the appraisal of your system. We will evaluate historical production, warranties, and the overall condition as part of a comprehensive review of the current system status.

Quality Assurance design review deliverables include:

Structural and Electrical Review
Compliance with Utility/Building Department Rules
Applicable Codes
Production Modeling
Negative Solar Easement Analysis
O&M Program Recommendations

Commissioning deliverables include:

• Visual inspection
• Inverter manufacturer installation startup requirements
• System component torque guidelines
• String voltage and current verification
• Performance verification
• Insulation testing
• IV curve trace results

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