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We practice distributed leadership and encourage everyone to contribute their unique gifts and perspectives to the company’s success.

Angela Burke

Residential Design Group Manager

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Angela holds a B.S. in Architecture and a minor in Global Change from the University of Michigan. Post-graduation, she pursued various design endeavors including graphic design and urban planning but ultimately fell for solar design, which she saw as the perfect way to meld her design talents with her passion for the environment. Angela landed at Namasté Solar after making up her mind that it was time to “wild card” by moving to a state with a stronger solar presence. Namaste’s cooperative business model really appealed to her, especially after living in a student housing cooperative in Ann Arbor for 3 years and becoming familiar with the organizational structure. That, combined with the prospect of working with intelligent and driven (but fun!) people ultimately led to her Oregon-Trailing her way to Denver. In her spare time she loves to play golf, read, and knit. She’s been a vegetarian for 10 years, loves a good craft beer, and is a big Red Wings hockey fan.

Martin Beggs

Front End Commercial Designer

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Born in Scotland, Martin immigrated to the United States with his family early in life and was fortunate to grow up in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the University of California-Davis, he earned a BSc. in Environmental Biology & Management with an emphasis in Conservation, while developing an understanding of and sensitivity for the challenges facing our planet. After graduating, he transitioned into a bucket list-oriented early retirement of sorts, subsisting as an outdoor educator, ski patroller, and rafting guide. With a longer view in mind, Martin earned his science teaching credential at Humboldt State University and embarked on a five-year teaching career that included work at schools in Yosemite National Park and the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. In 2008, seeking a more technically-oriented career path, he migrated (somewhat ironically) from California to Colorado and began work in the solar industry. Martin was immediately drawn to Namasté Solar’s amazingly awesome business model and employee culture. In his tenure at Namasté Solar, he has maintained a steep learning curve in operations-oriented job roles in installation, project management, and technical design for residential and commercial projects. In his time away from the office, Martin enjoys floating down rivers, adventures in the mountains, and trips to the desert.

Jim Bakhaus

Residential Operations Director

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Jim joined Namasté Solar in 2010 because of his desire to make the world a better place and he is honored to be a part of an organization that does just that! Coming all the way from Chicago, Jim brings 10 years of diversified residential construction experience, particularly in carpentry, roofing, and electricity. Additionally, Jim obtained his electrical license in the State of Colorado and is a NABCEP Solar PV Installation Professional. He has held numerous roles over the years at Namasté Solar, and he now finds himself working as the Residential Operations Director. Jim would like to combine his love for traveling, desire to make a difference, and his experience in the solar industry to seek out solar opportunities in third world countries, and hopes to make this dream a reality in the near future.

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